Friday, September 17, 2010

Police Brutality Case 09.03.10: Askia Sabur.

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On today's show, we will look at the movement against police brutality that has been re-focused recently on the case of Askia Sabur, a young African American male who was caught on video being beaten outside of a Chinese restaurant on September 3rd by police officers from Philadelphia's 19th Police District. According to reports, he was beaten with night sticks in his head until blood spilled onto the sidewalk, resulting in Askia receiving 6 head-staples, a neck-brace, multiple back injuries, a broken arm and other physical and emotional damage.

In the video footage of the attack that appears on one of the posts on YouTube, Askia is seen surrounded by four cops and being beaten by one with a night stick. Throughout the extent of the video, he is sitting on the sidewalk as he is being beaten, with the exception of two moments in which he is lying or kneeling on the ground.

In a roundtable discussion, organizers of a mass walk in protest of the beating of Askia Sabur--Dr. Weldon McWilliams, Minista, Brother Tommy, Keturah Caesar, and Adon X--speculate on the sociological basis of police brutality in the United States and explore solutions. We connect up with the roundtable discussion at the point where Adon X points out that while the attack on Askia was taking place, one of the police officers brandishes a gun at a group of by-standers that had gathered around the incident.

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