Friday, September 10, 2010

Conversations with Mumia Abu Jamal's Nephew About His Family's Struggles and Floodlines' Author Jordan Flaherty about Post-Katrina Police Brutality.

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On today's show, we speak with the son of Mumia Abu-Jamal's twin brother about Mumia as an uncle and how Mumia's family has handled life during the years of Mumia's imprisonment.

Then we will hear from Jordan Flaherty author of "Floodlines" a collection of essays about racism and resistance in Louisiana during and after Hurricane Katrina. In our interview with him, we focus on the incidents of post-Katrina police brutality that he has reported on in his book.

All that coming up on On the Block. But first, the Pennsylvania Prison Report.

Special Thanks.

The PA Prison Reports are compiled by Andy and Bret of the Human Rights Coalition based on the accounts of prisoner correspondents and the investigations of HRC members. From the compiled data, the reports are re-written by Andy into the narratives you hear on "On The Block Radio." Many thanks. To access written transcripts of the PA Prison Reports, please go to:

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