Monday, November 29, 2010

FBI Informant-Directed Movie Coming to a 'Hood Near You.

Special Post.

This montage on post-9/11 FBI use of informants in the United States was inspired by the cases of the Fort Dix 5, the Newburgh 4, and most recently the case of Mohamed Osman Mohamud.

Jill Scott/Watching Me.
Spoken Voices:
U.S.A. newscasters.
employee at the NYU Center on Law and Society.
a former FBI Agent.
a former FBI director.
iman of the New York mosque visited by defendants in the Newburgh 4 case.
an aunt of one of the Newburgh 4 defendants.

Be careful of unauthorized movies being made in your 'hood.

Don't let them derail your revolutionary phenomena....channelling discontentment with American society into ugly acts of terror.

The People at On the Block Radio do not endorse Mr. Mohamud's intentions and actions. However, we are wary of the manner in which the FBI was involved in this case, as well as other recent cases in which United States citizens were arrested on charges of terrorism.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Update on the Askia Sabur Police Brutality Case: Interview with Askia's Sister, Naimah Wilson

On today's show, we will look again at the movement against police brutality that has been re-focused recently on the case of Askia Sabur, a young African American male who was caught on video being beaten outside of a Chinese restaurant on September 3rd by police officers from Philadelphia's 19th Police District. According to reports, he was beaten with night sticks in his head until blood spilled onto the sidewalk, resulting in Askia receiving 6 head-staples, a neck-brace, multiple back injuries, a broken arm and other physical and emotional damage. He is also reported to currently be suffering from memory loss.

In the video footage of the attack that can be found on YouTube, Askia is seen surrounded by four cops and being beaten by one with a night stick. Throughout the extent of the video, he is sitting on the sidewalk as he is being beaten, with the exception of two moments in which he is lying or kneeling on the ground.

In a recent interview, Askia's older sister, Naimah Wilson, updates us on Askia's recovery and on the efforts of the Askia Coalition Against Police Brutality to build a movement against police brutality in Philadelphia and to make the police department accountable for their acts of violence against Askia.

Preliminary Hearing (Third and Last Scheduled. Not all police officers showed up to the
first two):

Date: Wednesday, November 17, 2010
Time: 8:00am (usually the hearings do not begin until about 9:00am)
Place: The Philadelphia Criminal Justice Center (CJC) at 13th and Filbert
Room 703
Contact: or

Weekly Planning Meetings of the Askia Coalition Against Police Brutality (ACAPB):

Date: Every Monday
Time: 6:00pm
Place: The Conestoga Community Center
5301 Media Street (West Philadelphia)

Contact: or

Special Thanks.

The PA Prison Reports are compiled by Andy and Bret of the Human Rights Coalition based on the accounts of prisoner correspondents and the investigations of HRC members.  From the compiled data, the reports are re-written by Andy into the narratives you hear on "On The Block Radio."  Many thanks.  To access written transcripts of the PA Prison Reports, please go to:

Monday, November 8, 2010

Mumia Abu Jamal Radio Teach-In

Mumia Abu Jamal is a prolific writer who scribes from behind the bars of SCI Greene Prison in Pennsylvania. He sits in limbo in his jail cell, between life and death and yet his voice pumps out on a regular basis profound commentary on the society on the outside of his bars.

On Tuesday, November 9th, this man, this writer, this profound commentator on our world will be up against a court system that has for 3 decades kept him, his pen, his body behind bars, but every now and then, lets out bits and pieces of his voice. This Tuesday, November 9th, is a sentencing hearing for Mumia Abu Jamal. It will take place at Philadelphia's United States Courthouse and during the hearing whether he will be executed or spend the rest of life behind bars will be decided.

If the millions of people around the world who heard his voice have their say, he'll be coming home, finally, after years of fighting his incarceration.

Now it's other folks' turn to push their voices in battle with Goliaths, like Mumia has done with his for years, and get him free.

This radio teach-in includes the following voices:

--M1 of the Dead Prez
--the late Pennsylvania Representative Dave Richardson in August of 1995
--Wayne Alexander, the nephew of Mumia Abu Jamal
--Ramona Africa on Mumia and the MOVE ORGANIZATION
--Pam Africa
--Mumia Abu Jamal