Monday, November 29, 2010

FBI Informant-Directed Movie Coming to a 'Hood Near You.

Special Post.

This montage on post-9/11 FBI use of informants in the United States was inspired by the cases of the Fort Dix 5, the Newburgh 4, and most recently the case of Mohamed Osman Mohamud.

Jill Scott/Watching Me.
Spoken Voices:
U.S.A. newscasters.
employee at the NYU Center on Law and Society.
a former FBI Agent.
a former FBI director.
iman of the New York mosque visited by defendants in the Newburgh 4 case.
an aunt of one of the Newburgh 4 defendants.

Be careful of unauthorized movies being made in your 'hood.

Don't let them derail your revolutionary phenomena....channelling discontentment with American society into ugly acts of terror.

The People at On the Block Radio do not endorse Mr. Mohamud's intentions and actions. However, we are wary of the manner in which the FBI was involved in this case, as well as other recent cases in which United States citizens were arrested on charges of terrorism.

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