Sunday, October 17, 2010

Catching Up with Philly's Askia Coalition Against Police Brutality

Welcome to another edition of On the Block Radio, a show that takes a critical at the United States criminal justice system.

On today's show, we speak with Adan X, a member of the Askia Coalition Against Police Brutality. Over the last month, many Philadelphia residents have come together in order to help fight police brutality in the city in general and to bring about justice for Askia Sabur, a young African American male who is one of Philadelphia's recent victims of police brutality. Askia was attacked by police outside of a Chinese restaurant in West Philadelphia, where he had ordered food. After viewing YouTube videos of the attack posted by eyewitnesses, many believe the police beating was unwarranted and excessive.

Adan X provides additional background on the case and updates us on past and future actions.

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